This week, I had the pleasure of joining the Triangle Real Estate Investors Association for one of their Zoom panel presentations taking place of their usual live networking and speaker events. Let me tell you, this group is a well-oiled machine and they have adapted quickly to the impact of COVID-19 on their membership organization. They hosted almost 30 attendees and included everything from sponsor highlights to new member spotlight videos as part of their one-hour event – alongside our panel presentation on marketing, of course.

Five Tips for Lead Generation - Raleighwood Media Group - Lisa Jeffries for TREIA

As part of the three-presenter line-up, I opted to focus on tips for improving lead generation to complement other panelists’ focus on print and social media strategies for real estate investors. Knowing that we’d be speaking to first-time home flippers, seasoned full-time investors, and even vendors like lenders, the following five tips are broad enough that any business or organization running marketing campaigns can benefit from them.

Five Tips for Lead Generation

Always Be Closing

Five Tips for Lead Generation - Raleighwood Media Group - Lisa Jeffries for TREIA

In sales and in real estate the old adage, “Always Be Closing”, continues to ring true when it comes to your marketing copy. Don’t forget to provide links for more information, phone numbers, and email addresses prominently in your social media posts, email marketing, landing pages, and your offline mediums. Don’t leave us hanging – ask your audience to take an action and then make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

Create Opt-In Opportunities

Five Tips for Lead Generation - Raleighwood Media Group - Lisa Jeffries for TREIA

Speaking of asking the audience to take action, how about asking them to opt themselves into your marketing funnels or lists? Old school methods include the tried-and-true business card exchange when meeting someone in person, but in a digital world the possibilities are endless: offer free downloads, a series on a topic that you can offer expertise, pop-up banners on your website, co-hosted promotions with complementary businesses to yours, and even right within ads on social media channels like Facebook. For real estate listings, “text for more info” riders on property signs can be a great tool, too!

Use a CRM

Five Tips for Lead Generation - Raleighwood Media Group - Lisa Jeffries for TREIA

A critical part of building your list is deciding where those contacts will live. There so many options when it comes to selecting a CRM (customer or client relationship management tool) and the best one is… the one you actually use! (That’s a power statement I picked up last summer at a local real estate marketing conference.) Seriously, there are many out there, even lots built specifically for real estate users, but at the end of the day, it’s simply about selecting one and making use of it. We like HubSpot because you can start for free with no commitment and grow into a paid plan if you need to communicate to more than 2,000 contacts per month. If you’re largely going to be communicating via email, many email marketing platforms, like Flodesk, would even work beautifully for your purposes – it’s also free for basic users!

Enable Funnels & Drip Marketing

Five Tips for Lead Generation - Raleighwood Media Group - Lisa Jeffries for TREIA

Your work isn’t over quite yet, friends. While it’s great you’re now getting leads into your marketing funnel you need to decide what to do with them. Be sure to set up automation for welcome messaging (one of the most-opened you’ll ever send) and communicate on a regular, but not too frequent, cadence. This will vary for everyone but keep an eye on your open and unsubscribe rates to get a good feel for how readers are responding to your messages.

Maintain List Quality

Five Tips for Lead Generation - Raleighwood Media Group - Lisa Jeffries for TREIA

Last, but certainly not least, keep an eye on your subscribers as they come in to purge out junk and inactive subscribers. Nurture the good ones, keep them engaged, and slough off the dead weight while you continue to woo new followers as you go.

Bonus: Attendee Questions

What About QR Codes?

One of the attendees asked a great question about the relevance of QR codes. A year ago, I would have advised clients to skip them as most people in your audience didn’t know how to use them. Thanks to COVID-19, they’re back in a huge way as a quick tool to enable “contactless” experiences. Try them on yard signs (if readers will be doing more than just passing by in a vehicle, in which case they won’t have enough time to scan) and on print materials delivered via snail mail! We like because, for a small fee, it allows you to use your brand logo or icon as part of your QR code and provides valuable statistics on usage.

Check Behind Yourself

Grammarly is a free tool I recommend to everyone I cross paths with – it’s like spellcheck… times 10! Typos happen, Grammarly helps.

Want More?

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