Raleighwood Wifi

“Hi, what’s your wifi password?”

How would you like to connect with YOUR current customer base in a mutually-beneficial way while cutting down on the task of giving out your wifi passcode several times a day?

We’re so excited to launch Raleighwood Wifi to not only eliminate this nuisance from your customer experience but to help you generate recurring business and revenue.

Raleighwood Wifi Marketing

We’ll do this by turning your free wifi access into a cost-efficient marketing funnel. All it takes is one access point tacked on to your existing wireless internet service and boom! New customer data coming into your marketing program instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a wifi marketing program?

Starting is simple – by providing free wifi access to your guests. But we don’t want you just offering up an open network or dishing out your password to anyone who requests it. Instead, Raleighwood Wifi will set up a branded welcome page where your guests check a box to agree to the terms and conditions (no using your valuable wifi for illegal activities, please!) and provide their email address or log in via Facebook to get connected to the internet.

Any time you want, you can download your latest list and send engaging email marketing campaigns to those new subscribers. This can be done in-house or we would be glad to help with your campaigns.

But it doesn’t stop there, there are so many valuable things you can do with this direct connection to your customers, like automating the process and sending a “Thank you!” email 24 hours after their visit. Know that you’ve got stellar services? Let’s make it easy to ask for five-star ratings on your preferred review profiles.

Another revenue-generating idea is to send a special offer to those who haven’t visited (ie: logged back into your complimentary guest wifi) in 30 days and entice them back in!

What’s required of me?

Quite simply: just an established wireless internet connection. We’ll bring the Raleighwood Wifi kit to you, set up your new landing page, and have you online in just minutes. Please email or call us for a demonstration and to answer any questions you may have: 919-229-9725 | Wifi@RaleighwoodMedia.com.

What do I get?

For each guest that accesses your free wifi network, you can gather as little or as much information as you’d like.

We recommend starting simple: just an email address or a Facebook login (which also nets you their email address).

You can also create text message marketing campaigns by collecting phone numbers but we know from experience that people are much less willing to shell out their phone number. Proceed with caution.

Ok, how much does it cost?

Just $150 a month gets you started building the marketing funnel you deserve from your wifi network. Worried you won’t get the most bang for your buck because you don’t have time to send great follow-up emails? No worries, we have additional levels of service that offer email marketing included and many other services to ensure you are making quality engagements with YOUR customers.

How long of a contract do I have to sign?

We’re keeping things pretty simple around here. We have a short-and-sweet six-month option (although we are confident you’re going to get such great results that you’ll definitely want to keep going longer) and we also offer a nice discount for our annual clients. Take your pick! Since we bill on the first of the month, we ask for a few day’s notice so that we may disable your recurring billing and pick up the wifi equipment should you wish to cancel prior to your next six-month or one-year renewal date.

Are there other wifi marketing providers out there?

Sure are. But we believe our price is among the most competitive you’ll find and we won’t keep you from your customer list data like others (cough, cough – Yelp…). You have access 24/7 to your email list and we’ll even email it over to you if you just can’t remember your login at the moment and quickly want to send a new email campaign to your loyal followers.