Website Design

Raleighwood Media Group provides website design services for clients of all shapes and size.

The following package is designed as a quick-start solution for businesses and brands looking to get online as soon as yesterday, but we are happy to work with you to develop a more comprehensive plan and appropriate budget for bigger projects – perfect for clients who have existing websites and are ready to grow their online presence with modern upgrades such as responsive design, e-commerce, and more. Drop us a line to discuss: or 919-229-9725.

Here’s a brief outline of some of the approximxate costs you can expect to invest in your website.

Upfront Package Rate Billed
Domain Registration $10-16 Annually
Standard Website Hosting with Flywheel (Includes Daily Backups, SSL Certificate, and More) $275 Annually (Or $25/Month)
Five-Rage Responsive Design Website* $1325 One Time
Total investment $1615 50% deposit to begin work, balance due at delivery

*Customizations (ex: online reservations/appointment setting, e-commerce/online payments) may not be included in standard fee if substantial additional development time is required. We’ll be sure to sit down with you at the beginning of your project to discuss scope, capabilities, and expectations.

Great! When Can We Start?

Talk to me about online appointment setting.

Online appointment setting website design - Raleighwood Media

Yasssss! We’re so excited you asked. This is one of our favorite topics because it makes our service-based clients so happy – and takes a lot of the busy work off their already very full “to do” lists! There are a variety of options when it comes to online appointment setting/scheduling service providers. Some are free, some are particularly inexpensive, and some are downright pricey. Some are integrated with point-of-sale (POS) systems and some stick to what they do best: filling your open bookings. Some are designed with specific industries in mind, some can be completely customized to fit your company’s routine.

If that sounds like a lot of “not really specific or helpful” information about appointment setting, it’s because quite simply, there are a ton of different providers and options to choose from out there! We’ll sit down with you, review your requirements, help you determine an appropriate budget, and get to work on an implementation plan for your organization. For some clients, this might be a mere 15-minute process and boom – online appointments are live! For others, it may take a bit longer… in the realm of a few weeks, if training for your team is involved or your software provider requires intense customization for your roll out.

No matter where you fall on that scale, we have the experience to guide you to online booking success!

Cool, Let’s Do It

How about email?

hosted email services - raleighwood media group

There are a variety of options for setting up email accounts for your organization, but the option we use in-house and the one we suggest to all clients because of its familiar platform, low cost, and general ease of use since G Suite (formerly, Google Apps for Work):

G Suite is $5/user/month for a professionally-branded email address (, calendar, 30GB of online storage, and 24/7 phone and email support. This is billed monthly to a credit card and paid directly to Google. We don’t re-sell this service or mark it up, but would gladly be able to set it up for you as part of a new website process. It’s very easy – we just need a list of all of the people you want email addresses set up for and a payment method to apply to the account. Typically, the first 30 days are free.

If you have a very complex existing email structure already in place, we’re delighted to refer you to Van and his team at NeoCloud They’ve worked with several of our larger clients on hefty migrations and took all the heavy lifting off our busy clients’ plates!

I’m Ready, Let’s Roll

Est-ce que tu parles français?

Creating a Multi-Language Site

There are many options available for those who wish to offer multi-language support on their website. The costs and complexities vary widely but we’d love to help you evaluate the options that make the most sense for your organization.

Tips for Creating a Multi-Language Website