As a large number of businesses and organizations have had to transition to operating mostly online during the COVID-19 shutdown, we have seen an increase in our open and click-through rates for email for clients. We know times are tough right now, but if you are able, it is important to still stay connected to your audience and the good news is, it looks like they are wanting to hear from you!

Email Marketing Tips During COVID-19

A Few Examples

One of our bar clients in Downtown Raleigh opted to pivot their business model to operating a pop-up market during the shutdown and as a result, they’ve seen quite an increase in their open rates since their guests and fans have been quarantining.

February Newsletter: 13.3% Open Rate, 7.4% Click Rate

February Mid Month Newsletter: 15.4% Open Rate, 5.2% Open Rate

March Newsletter: 23.1% Open Rate, 8.3% Click Rate

March Mid Month Newsletter: 23.6% Open Rate, 9.4% Click Rate

April Newsletter: 23.1% Open Rate, 10.8% Click Rate

Their emails have focused on their grocery options and recipes for making your own cocktails at home.

Another one of our clients, a medical spa in Cary, has started hosting virtual (Zoom and Facebook) live chats that cover products, skincare tips, services offered, and more, to stay in tune with their clientele. After each webinar or event, they have sent a follow-up email to those who attended. Those email open rates and click rates have been “through the roof,” including one that netted a 90% open rate and a 66.7%. click rate.

A local builder in Downtown Raleigh that focuses on new construction and renovations “inside the beltline” has also seen his open rates soar. In April, he had a 23.8% open rate on his newsletter that detailed a contest/fundraiser that he was running to raise money for Hope Community Church’s Mina Project. He ended up raising $1,200 by asking people to donate $20 to be entered to win a four-night stay at his condo. His goal was to raise $1,000 and he knocked it out of the water thanks to email.

Staying “inside the beltline,” a real estate agent who is also in Raleigh has been seeing great results on his emails that have been about ways to eat local during COVID-19, tips for working from home, and how you can continue your home search during the pandemic. He also gave away hand sanitizer from a local brewery, Lonerider Brewing.

March Newsletter: 23.85% Open Rate, 20.5% Click Rate

April Newsletter: 29.11% Open Rate, 20.82% Click Rate

Email Marketing Tips During COVID-19Why the Rise in Open Rates?

According to MessageGears, “email is thriving right now as it is one of the few ways brands can reach their customers during the crisis.” Most people are working from home and spending more time on their computers throughout the day and night. They may have more time to look at emails that are non-work related.

Source: MessageGears

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Even if you are unable to operate your business as you normally do, don’t stop interacting with your customers. Do not panic email and fill their inboxes with junk too often, but it is still important that you let them know you are there for them during these trying times.

MarTech has a great article on the do and don’ts of emailing during COVID-19. They found that “incorporating too much coronavirus-related content in emails that people typically open for retail offers and deals could see a significant impact to their deliverability rates if they continue to over message subscribers about it.”

However, it is a good idea to write emails that are relevant for people right now including things like tips for working remotely or even guided meditation information. Another way you can use email is to let your customers know what is happening with your business. Do you have updated store hours? Are you offering more things online? Are you doing tutorials online? Let them know!

Source: MarTech

Ready to Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level?

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