Our team will be calling and emailing this week to ensure we have your holiday hours posted accurately to your website and to Google. This will help ensure that your customers can easily visit you this holiday season, with as little extra hassle as possible.

Managing the posted holiday hours of operation for accuracy, on as many platforms as reasonably possible, is a great extra step to ensuring your customer experience remains top notch. We want to make it easy for potential and existing customers to know you’re open, and save them an extra trip or phone call when you’re not.

Update holiday hours on Google My Business listing

By the way, how cool is this personalized email marketing that Google sent to remind us to update the holiday hours for our clients at Triangle Family Care in Cary, NC?

For clients that we currently serve on our monthly marketing retainer and reputation management and monitoring services, we’ll be updating this information for you! Need steps on how to do this yourself? Keep reading!

How to Update Google My Business Listing Holiday Hours

  • Login to your Google My Business account at https://business.google.com
  • Find the “Info” section on the left-side navigation
  • (If you’re following a link from an email from Google prompting you to review these hours, the editor window will open automatically.)
  • Under your regular hours of business, you’ll see a section for “special hours”. Each date can be edited individually.
  • Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click the yellow “Submit” button, if you’re presented with one. We’ve noticed this appears on some client listings, and but not all.

PS: A social media graphic indicating your holiday hours and a blog post to this effect are good ideas, too!

Want help managing all of your online sources of information about your business? Give us call at 919-229-9725 or send us an email today! Our monthly retainer services begin at just $250/month – we have always been and strive to remain small-business budget friendly.