I am not a fan of junk. If something doesn’t have a function or intrinsic value, I don’t have much use for it. I realllllly need things to be organized and for everything to have a place!

Fellow local twitter user, @DanLondon (who also serves as the Director of Online Marketing at ShareFile.com), posted something I favorited a few months ago because it resonated with me:

@DanLondon: Funny. Tech has evolved but swag is still in 1984 (not that I don’t love my hackey sack) #isum09Since obviously this is something I’m passionate about (and no, I didn’t know one could be passionate about swag), I’ll occasionally share some things that I think make great alternatives to the keychain (don’t we all have a keychain full of keychains in junk storage?) and the ink pen (if you buy cheap, they won’t write anyway).

The very first feature comes from Eventbrite… a must-use utility for anyone hosting any kind of event (ESPECIALLY if you need to actually sell tickets). Specifically, this was posted on their facebook page.

Click on the image above to view the branded chocolate poker chips in detail… a delicious takeaway from the casino-themed after-party they were hosting at a conference.

Oh, and their tagline? “Always a full house with Eventbrite.”

Now that’s what I call clever!