So you got ghosted… by your email subscribers? Don’t give up on them just yet—let’s try to win them back with a re-engagement campaign. Our friends at MailerLite put together a list of tips on creating highly effective re-engagement email campaigns. We are going to share a few ideas from their blog below and also give you two examples of campaigns we have run for our clients this year that had awesome results. Without further ado…

Well, First Things First, What is an Email Re-Engagement Campaign?

An email re-engagement campaign is an email marketing campaign or an email workflow with the aim of…

  • Bringing back inactive subscribers
  • Boosting email engagement
  • Increasing subscriber retention

Over time, subscribers may start to show less interest in your newsletter, but this type of campaign can make a difference and help to restore your engagement rates.

Why It’s Important to Re-Engage Inactive Customers…

There are three main reasons:

  1. Money. Many email marketing platforms charge you by how many subscribers you have on your list. It hurts your pocket to have people on your list who never engage with your emails but you still have to pay for them.
  2. Reputation & Email Deliverability. Inactive subscribers have a negative effect on your sender reputation and email deliverability. A low sender score can mean that more of your emails will start landing in other people’s spam folders.
  3. Skewed Data. Inactivate subscribers also skew your data. It is hard to identify why your open rates are low if your emails are being sent to lots of inactive subscribers.

Re-Engagement Email Examples to Inspire You

MailerLite has put together a list of some of the most effective types of re-engagement emails you can send. They also have rounded up examples from a number of well-known brands so you can see the magic in action. We summarized a few of our favorite ideas below but you can check out all their examples here.

  • Give discounts
  • Remind subscribers why they signed up
  • Offer extra value that gains attention
  • Show subscribers what they’ve missed
  • Let people decide on frequency and topic

Don’t Forget About the Subject Line

Subject lines are always important, but they are even more important for these types of campaigns. Subject lines can wake up an inactive subscriber if done right. The MailerLite team says, “This is your last opportunity to breathe some life into the relationship, so don’t hold back. You want the re-engagement email subject line to be completely different from what you normally send so readers will do a double-take.”

Raleighwood Media Group Example #1: Killjoy

We recently ran a re-engagement email campaign for our client, Killjoy.

Subject Line:
{{ personalization_token(“contact.firstname”, “Friends”) }}, We Need to Have THE TALK

For this campaign, we explained to them why we were sending the email and gave them the opportunity to unsubscribe. We also offered them a discount on an upcoming cocktail class. We sent the first campaign on May 27, 2021. We sent it to 374 subscribers that had not opened an email in the last three months. The email had 35 unique opens and four people unsubscribed.

We sent another email on June 23, 2021, to everyone who did not open the first email.

Subject Line:
{{ personalization_token(“contact.firstname”, “Friends”) }}, Are We Really Breaking Up? 💔

This email had 19 unique opens and only one unsubscribe.

What Happened Next?

We were very pleased with these results as we had quite a few people open the newsletter who had not opened one in the past three months. We will now be able to engage with these subscribers more effectively. We then removed the subscribers that did not engage with our campaign (no opens or clicks) from our active list. If we continued to email these people, it would continue to damage our sender reputation and skew our campaign data. Killjoy was also paying for all these subscribers that would probably not end up opening any of their emails in the future.

Raleighwood Media Group Example #2: Raleigh Weekend

Subject Line:
{$name|default:’Friends’}, We Were On a Break!

For this campaign for our brand Raleigh Weekend, we referenced pop culture as it seemed like everyone at the time was talking about the Friends Reunion Special. We also did a giveaway and asked subscribers what they would like to hear from us. One reason your subscribers might not be engaging with you is that they are not interested in the content. In this example, we asked them what they would like us to write about.

This campaign went to 4,374 people and we had 116 opens! 

End Goal = Stronger Engagement

The end goal for these types of campaigns is always stronger engagement. While you may end up with a smaller list, it will be a list of active subscribers who are more engaged.

We like the way MailerLite sums it up: “Stronger engagement increases the effectiveness of your email newsletter campaigns, improves your sender reputation, and leaves you with a more accurate view of what’s working and what’s not. That is where you want to be!”

We would love to help you with your email marketing. Please email us or give us a ring at 919-229-9725 to talk about what we can do for you and your business.