Direct Mail

At Raleighwood Media Group, we work with clients to design impactful direct mail campaigns that stand apart from low-value junk mail. With such a strong shift to digital marketing over the last ten years, the residential mailbox is experiencing its own renaissance and can be a valuable addition once again to your own list.

Bring Your Own List

Already have a well-curated mailing list? Perfect! We can work with you design mailings that are not only beautiful but also cost-effective. From invitations to brochures, we’ve done it all and are ready to handle your entire project from concept to post office delivery.

Every Door Direct Mail®

Raleigh Every Door Direct Mail Marketing - Raleighwood Media Group
Don’t have a list? Or want to canvas specific geographic areas? The Every Door Direct Mail®, created by the US Postal Service, is an incredibly cost-effective tool to add to your marketing program! Postage rates are as low as $0.18 per piece and you can narrowly target delivery routes near your business address via sophisticated postal route mapping, US Census Bureau demographic data, and more. We can quickly quote your project price due to our experience managing dozens of these campaigns throughout the year for Raleighwood Media Group clients. Contact us today to get started: or 919-229-9725.