Since their launch (maybe just over a year ago?), I have been a huge fan of Southern Weddings. Based out of our neighboring Chapel Hill, NC., I don’t subscribe to many weddings blogs, but they sure make the cut.

Nonetheless, I was totally in awe of their Veteran’s Day post, which expands beyond one day of respect for those who tirelessly serve our country. Not only are they providing a copy of their newest issue (which is sure to be an early sell-out), but they are including some Southern goodies, too. I’m sure they’re also including the shipping in that offer.

How many magazines, or businesses in general, do you think would do that?

All you need to do is read the very last line of the blog post, but you might as well enjoy the entertaining pictures while you’re there!

Kudos to Lara, Emily, Katharine, & Whitney!
(Hope I didn’t leave any SW team members out!)